MasterLine Bird Spike System - Stainless Steel

MasterLine® Bird Spike Systems are a cost effective stainless steel or plastic spike used as a humane and highly effective method to deter pest birds from landing and roosting. They have proven effective for pigeons, crows, gulls, raptors, vultures and much more.  Made with the professional in mind, these spikes come from the highest quality and can be easily installed using adhesive or screws for commercial, industrial and residential settings. Packaged in two-foot sections labor time is cut in half.

At Univar we strive to provide our customers with the most effective, efficient products at a competitive price. Our MasterLine® Spikes offer an improved design to allow us to offer a line of professional quality spikes. We are extremely satisfied in our spikes and we are confident you will be too.


  • 50 feet per box
  • Available in 1", 3”, 5” & 8” widths 
  • 2 foot sections; cuts labor time by 50% 
  • Patented “Bend and Crush” technology
  • Can bend 360 degrees
  • Flexible base will not break
  • Up to 80 spikes per foot
  • Screw/glue holes designed for maximum adhesion
  • Made in the USA
 WidthPer Box Product Number 
 1"50 Feet 790404 
 3"50 Feet 790405 
 5"50 Feet 790406 
 8"50 Feet 790407 
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How To Order

  • 1) Call 1.800.888.4897
  • 2) Locate A Univar ProCenter
  • 3) Online Store