MasterLine I MaxxPro 2F

MasterLine® I MaxxPro® 2F is two pounds of AI per gallon that is a non-repellent, odorless, high quality liquid imidacloprid termiticide/insecticide that provides a proven barrier or zone around structures. Its unique chemistry binds to the soil and does not easily move. I MaxxPro 2F provides long lasting, proven protection of structures as well as superior control of ants.  I MaxxPro 2F is also perfect for smaller jobs and applications where a liquid is preferable.  Registered for exterior perimeter termite treatments, Pest Management Professionals will have greater efficiency and flexibility in their applications while still receiving the long-lasting protection of structures and providing superior control to their customers.
I MaxxPro 2F combines the convenience of a liquid formulation in a 27.5 oz container and the proven efficacy you’ve trusted in MasterLine® I MaxxPro®. I MaxxPro 2F is more than just an addition to the MasterLine® family of products - it’s another way to ensure the success of your business.

  • Now registered for exterior perimeter termite treatments (CA pending) affording greater efficiency and flexibility in application
  • Handy 27.5oz bottles are ideal for smaller tanks such as the 4-gallon backpack sprayers, as well as most hand sprayers. Using 1 full bottle will make 100 finished gallons
  • Improved performance in many situations as a non-repellent alternative to pyrethroids
  • Excellent control of termites and many ant species with its trademarked ‘Domino’ effect that allows efficacy away from the treated zone
  • Can be used as an adjunct to stand alone borate pre-treats
  • Patented On-Wood Use

 Package Size Per Case Product Number
 27.5oz Bottle 4x1 777005

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How To Order

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