MasterLine LambdaCy Insecticide

Available for sale in Canada only, to order call 1-888-838-4112.

MasterLine® LambdaCy contains an advanced-generation pyrethroid with a unique capsule suspension formulation for outstanding protection against numerous insect pests.

It is versatile and convenient. It can be used outdoors for spot and banded applications to provide superior perimeter protection against target pests. Indoors, it can be used as a spot or crack and crevice treatment for both clean-out and maintenance.

When a company chooses MasterLine LambdaCy, they receive technology that blankets the treated area with at least 4,000 microcapsules per centimeter. When used as directed, the microcapsules remain on the surface — rather than being absorbed into it — so they are readily available for contact with insects for weeks and months.

  • 9.8% Lambda-Cyhalothrin Insecticide
  • Unique technology & formulation Dual-wall construction forms cross-links around the active ingredient for capsule strength providing protection from breakdown and extended release.
  • Non-Staining & reduced odor Has been shown not to stain surfaces that are not stained by water alone. Water-based, suspension concentrate reduces odor.
  • Convenient mixing & application Capsule suspension formulation is more convenient to apply.It stays mixed, minimizing settling out. Does not clog equipment or enhance nozzle wear.
Package Size: 8 x 237 ml
For Sale in Canada Only, to order call 1-888-838-4112
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How To Order

  • 1) Call 1.800.888.4897
  • 2) Locate A Univar ProCenter
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