MasterLine Backpack Sprayer

MasterLine® Backpack Sprayer is designed with a distinctive 4 gallon tank shape and diaphragm pump, this sprayer is ideal for use with abrasive chemicals like those found in wettable powder form as well as with liquid formulations.

  • Equipped with an ADJUSTABLE, FLAT SPRAY, HOLLOW CONE, and JET STREAM NOZZLE to accommodate virtually every spraying need.
  • PADDED STRAPS with pull tabs make adjustments quick and easy.
  • BUILT-IN STRAINERS, SCREENS, and FILTERS help keep debris out of nozzles.
  • Pressure can be regulated to 15,30,45 or 60 psi by means of a built-in PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE.
  • UNBREAKABLE wand prevents damage common to brass and brittle plastic wands.
  • Viton® seals, gaskets and O-rings provide excellent CHEMICAL RESISTANCE and durability
  • MasterLine® Backpack 4 Gallon Sprayer  - Product Number: 756322
    Can be used with MasterLine® MAG-1 Gunjet Kit (783636).

    The MasterLine® backpack sprayer is constructed of high density polyethylene and other chemical resistant materials. Best of all, you get solid support from Univar on every MasterLine product
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    How To Order

    • 1) Call 1.800.888.4897
    • 2) Locate A Univar ProCenter
    • 3) Online Store