MasterLine Kontrol Mosquito Larvicide

MasterLine® Kontrol™ Mosquito Larvicide is 98% mineral oil/2% active designed for surface application to intermittently flooded areas, temporary rain pools, sloughs, log ponds and other areas where mosquitoes may develop. It is specifically formulated for enhanced spread ability to control/suffocate larva and pupa before they become biting adults. It may be used all season long and does not depend on life cycle timing for effectiveness.

This is registered and available in most states. Contact your Univar sales representative for availability.

  • Ready to Use – No mixing required
  • Versatile – easy to apply by air, ground or hand held spray equipment
  • Color – Clear and bright, non staining
  • Odor - No offensive odor
  • Mode of Action – Kills larvae and pupa stages of mosquitoes by suffocation
  • Resistance – Kills by suffocation, mosquitoes do not develop resistance
  • Can be used all season long
  • Effective with lighter spray equipment (low pressure sprayers)
  • Apply to leave a thin film over surface of breeding areas (3 gl/acre average)
  • Rainbow sheen shows coverage without smearing
  • Package SizePer CaseProduct Number
    2.5 Gallon Jug2806736
    55 Gallon DrumNA794565
    275 Gallon ToteNA794545
    BulkNA 794547

    For best results, a "fan-spray" application is recommended.

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    How To Order

    • 1) Call 1.800.888.4897
    • 2) Locate A Univar ProCenter
    • 3) Online Store